Since 1950 we offer an important variety of accessories and machines for the textile industry.

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Static Control

Representing Simco-Ion since the early 1960’s our static electricity specialists are at your service.

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Marine Lubricants

A natural extension of our representation of Vickers in the textile industry for over 40 years.

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The plastic industry, with Simco Ion, represent the most important non textile market.

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About us

Representing world leading manufactures in their field, we offer outstanding service and technical support to our customers in a variety of industries.

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NEW! Conveyostat Dual Phase+ Power Supply

The Conveyostat's new Dual Phase+ Power Supply produces high voltage at high speeds. It displays fault and warning status indicators for short circuit detection and clogging when running metalized films.

Additionally, it is designed to automatically shut down if any problem with the high voltage occurs. A low voltage remote is available for the Dual Phase+. It includes an on/off switch and displays live fault and warning conditions. This results in a safer install with reduced high voltage cable.

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