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Welcome to the story of Crowther & Wood Ltd, a company with a rich history rooted in textile machinery manufacturing. Originally hailing from Leicester, England, Crowther Limited made its way to Canada in 1950 when John Crowther established Crowther Ltd as a dedicated division. Over the years, Crowther Machinery transformed from its textile machine origins into a versatile industrial equipment representative. While our commitment to the textile industry remains steadfast, we've expanded our horizons to become a prominent force in static control solutions and marine lubricants.

In 2005, we solidified our expertise by acquiring WS Wood Associates Limited, renowned static control specialists based in Cambridge, Ontario. Then, in 2008, we welcomed Ross Whitehead into our family, a leading Canadian distributor of textile equipment and accessories.

Recognizing the importance of unity and enhanced service for our valued clients, we made a strategic move in March 2019 by merging both companies under a single banner – Crowther & Wood Ltd. This consolidation allowed us to maintain the legacy of our founders while presenting a stronger, more streamlined presence in the industry.

Our journey didn't stop there. In June 2019, we expanded our reach by establishing an office in San Pedro Sula, Cortes, Honduras. This expansion was driven by our commitment to serving the Central American market, which began with a pivotal contract to supply Vickers needle lubricant to Gildan in 2005.


Today, we continue to deliver exceptional service to all our clients, offering top-notch products that meet and exceed market standards.

At Crowther & Wood Ltd, we blend a rich heritage with a forward-thinking approach to provide unparalleled solutions and support to our diverse clientele. Join us on this exciting journey as we strive for excellence in textile machinery, static control, marine lubricants, and beyond.




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