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Crowther & Wood Ltd Expansion in Central America

To better serve its clients in Central America, Crowther & Wood Ltd is proud to announce the opening of their new office location in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Crowther & Wood División Centroamérica S. de R. L.

Nuevos Horizontes Business Center

Ave. Principal, 1era Calle, Rancho El Coco

Piso 11 Oficina #10, San Pedro Sula, Honduras



New Product

CLEANFLEX Easy Ionization Gun

The Cleanflex Easy Ionization Gun is designed with unique features to clean electrostatically charged surfaces or parts. With a 24 VDC built-in power supply, the Cleanflex Easy eliminates the need for cumbersome high voltage cables and separate power supply unit.  The full hand trigger allows for easy control of air flow without the strain to one finger.  With the specially designed opening of the nozzle, the Cleanflex Easy Gun produces a very compact air stream with lower noise and reduced air consumption when compared to other anti-static guns.


NEW Teknek product


For full list of Teknek products, please follow these links:

Contact Web Cleaning:

Rollers & Adhesive:

Contact Sheet Cleaning:



Agreement with Trascar, an Italian company from Modena

Crowther & Wood are proud to announce that they have reached an exclusive agreement with Trascar, an Italian company from Modena. Trascra offer a full line for automation and logistics in several types of industries, such as food, pharmaceutical, textiles, paper, plastics, etc.


Trascar is alrady seen as a leader in this field in several countries and hope that Canada can be added to this list.

Learn More >



Crowther & Wood / Vickers new warehouse in El Salvador

We are pleased to announce that we are in the process to open a new warehouse in El Salvador for the distribution our Vickers lubricants for the textile industry. At the beginning of December, our first container will have been delivered.


The recent agreement with a major customer in El Salvador have helped us making this decision for logistical reasons.

Crowther & Wood and Vickers are committed to serve their customers locally and effectively.


Empowering Latin American communities through sustainable projects

Throughout the years, we have been very well treated by our customers in Honduras. This is why this year we have decided to help a good cause in this country.

Through this foundation we will help fund the salaries of the teachers of this project.



Merge of Our 2 Companies

In 2005 we acquired W.S WOOD ASSOCIATES from Cambridge, ON. This company was operated separately.


On March 1st 2019, we have merge the activities of the 2 companies under a new name, CROWTHER & WOOD LTD based in Longueuil, QC. 


We firmly believe that this merge will streamline our structure and help us to better serve you.

SINCE MARCH 1st 2019




You can reach Marc at + 1 (416) 994.8651 and François at +1 (514) 816.9803. It will be a pleasure to meet you in Barcelona from June 20th to 24th.



Klein Cutlery

Crowther & Wood ltd has been a proud distributor of Klein Cutlery for many years.

Originally founded in 1952 under the name Expert Cutlery, this growing manufacturer of scissors and shears initially employed five men who turned out approximately 600 pair of shears per week. About 28 different styles of shears were manufactured, produced by large grinding wheels with a gas-heated lead pot used for the heat-treating process.

The Expert Cutlery name was changed to Heritage Cutlery in 1978. The company continued to grow and invest in state of the art equipment, such as CNC (computer numerical control) machine grinders and electronically controlled salt furnaces for heat-treating.

In September 2007, Heritage Cutlery was acquired by and began operating under the name Klein Cutlery, LLC. Klein Cutlery is an affiliate of Klein Tools, Inc., a leading manufacturer of hand tools and occupational equipment for professional tradesman.

The Company has not only manufactured the same high quality barber shears since 1952 but has grown to become the largest U.S. manufacturer of hot-forged scissors and shears for a wide variety of markets including textiles, sewing, poultry, electronics, fiber optics and pet grooming.

To know more, visit their website:


New Product



IQ Power Wireless Link was designed as a cable replacement kit that wirelessly allows devices to communicate. It eliminates long and costly cable runs providing much easier and cleaner installations. Additionally, it allows for static control monitoring in places where mounting was previously impossible, such as on turret winders. It works independently of and won’t appear on WiFi networks because it operates as industrial Bluetooth.

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Wire Rope Lubricants

Vickers Oils are bringing to the market four new wire rope lubricants along with introducing their well-known
BIOGREASE EP2 to the non-marine market.

Two penetrating lubricants, VICKERLUBE BIO LV WRL, the biodegradable low viscosity wire rope lubricant and its mineral equivalent VICKERLUBE LV WRL are being introduced to the marine and non-marine sectors.


Also, VICKERLUBE HV WRL and VICKERLUBE BIO WRL ,the two mineral and biodegradable coating lubricants that can penetrate slightly and seal the outside of the cable from moisture, reducing wear, rust, and corrosion, will also be available in the range.

Learn More >



Crowther & Wood / Vickers new warehouse in Dominican Republic

We are pleased to announce that we are in the process to open a new warehouse in Dominican Republic for the distribution our Vickers lubricants for the textile industry. At the end of November, our first container will have been delivered.


We have been doing business with a major customer in Dominican Republic for several years, but the recent demand for our products in that country have made us go ahead with warehousing there for logistic reasons.

Crowther & Wood and Vickers are committed to serve their customers locally and effectively.



Introducing the new IQ Power™ Fantom HL Blower from Simco-Ion

Simco-Ion is proud to announce the launch of the first HL Smart Ionizing Blower.  The IQ Power™ Fantom HL Blower is the first smart, ionizing air blower designed for static elimination in hazardous locations and is compatible with the IQ Power™ Control Station for monitoring and communication.



In Central America

“Our Crowther & Wood team is proud to announce the opening of their division in San Pedro Sula, Honduras to cover the Central America market.

Wilfredo Urrutia has been promoted as manager for this new market. Crowther &Wood have been in business in Honduras since 2005 and the opening of this office was the crucial step for the development of this market.”



This newest addition

Simco-Ion is proud to introduce the IQ Power FantomTM Wide-Format Ionizing Blower. This newest addition to the IQ Power family brings the advanced technology of IQ Power to blowers, offering superior ionization performance. 
​The Fantom is a game changer for the blower market Not only is the performance unparalleled but also remote monitoring capabilities with the Control Station put it in a class of it's own.

Performance features include: 
Extended range effective up to 20', 600 CFM max air volume, Remote on/off, easy remote automatic self-cleaning, monitoring capabilities with Control Station, fault/warning, power indicators, provides balanced ionization, replaceable ionizer assembly. 

​Linking with the Control Station provides a remote way of controlling the  Fantom's features.

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